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About Us

We, Styleyug, have made an inception into business of designer sarees made by a blue-chip company. In view to fulfilling the dreams of womanhood today, we are full-fledged in propounding the quality designer arrays inclusive of designer sarees such as varied range of bridal lehenga sarees, bridal chaniya choli, one minute sarees, digital print work sarees and designer partywear sarees made from chiffon, georgette, jacquard, crepe silk and art silk and much more, chaniya choli and lehenga choli. Styleyug strictly follows business ethics and endeavour to provide the service of circulating dream wear designer sarees which witness much-vaunted and true ethnicity, culture and tradition which is much adored across the globe. Today our Indian culture buffs, feminists and Indians working in various parts of the world tend to appreciate the designer traditional wears. Styleyug aims at reaching out to every woman who bears much adoration towards their motherland and traditional wears. Established in 2017, Styleyug has always been in pursuit of accomplishing womanhood dream with an ambition of achieving traditional designer wears. 


We, Styleyug, run our operations from our work place in Santacruz, Mumbai in Maharashtra state of India. We have our buyers in almost every country may it be small or big country having traditional bonding and strong affinity towards ethnic wear inclusive of designer sarees such as a varied range of bridal lehenga sarees, bridal chaniya choli, one minute sarees, digital print work sarees and designer partywear sarees made from high quality yarns, chiffon, georgette, jacquard, crepe silk, art silk and much more, lehenga choli and chaniya choli. We are poised to realize our buyers dream designer traditional wears. We are fully equipped for such a mission of circulation of highly aesthetically made and wonderfully designed and handsomely-crafted sarees made from art silk, moss silk, dupian silk, brasso, brocade, chiffon, cotton, crepe silk, net, pure georgette, satin, viscose, jacquard, tissue net, cotton net, cotta, velvet and Bhagalpuri silk.

We are acquainted with the feminism aptness, acumen and mental proposition of our buyers. The feed-back receiving from our high-end users or retailers makes us feel proud that we add a new feather every time our new retailer embarks on a business peregrination with us maintaining professional decorum. We are certainly resolute to widen our horizon of work culture with extremely staunch associates who have passion for Indian tradition and culture and are willing to embrace our mission of equipping our buyers with ethnicity-laden dream designer sarees, chaniya choli and lehenga choli.

We have millions of buyers and thousands of retailers across the globe who are making travails for accomplishing such a gigantic mission in which every traditionally biased woman’s dream of achieving our much adorable designer feminine attire considered significant for parties, special occasions, grand events, galas, and all auspicious and religious occasions.

The business transaction with our buyer or retailer is regarded crystal-clear which is why the buyers or retailers get used to dealing with us with complete faith which is a preponderant reason for winning the trust of buyers.


We, at Styleyug are cognizant of the fact that customers can make out that the actual colour of images viewed on video screen does not appear as the colour of the actually ordered Bridal Lehenga Sarees, Bridal Chaniya Choli, One Minute Sarees, Digital Print Work Sarees and Designer Partywear Sarees. Our designer sarees are inclusive of wide range of colours out of which the retailers or buyers can pick out their choice colour sarees. Certain colours of designer sarees reflect shade in images due to light intensity.


The product details such as weight, size, craftwork, hand work, colour accompanied with product displays are approximate values. The colour variation can is due lighting and digital photography and the colour settings.

The actual colour of the item varies a bit from the colour exhibited on item which appears on the computer screen. So keeping in mind this variation the customer has to place an order.

While you place an online order, the following care has to be taken:

Orange, maroon and red colours tend to exhibit varied shades when seen in the snapshots. This happens more particularly only regard with these three colours.If you take a snapshot of red colour fabric from a high digital camera, the red will be appearing as maroon or orange when seen into snapshot taken by digital camera. Even though an advanced technology exists it is still prevalent and does not seem to have solution to it as yet.Both green shade and blue shade look alike. Similarly, the shades of off-white, cream, and white colours have same tendency to exhibit similar shades. Sea Green colour in image taken looks like aqua. The texture of weave and threads are visible in certain types of fabric which indicate the authenticity of certain types of fabrics such silk and cotton brocade. In such instance, it is not regarded as a defect. Hand worked, dyed with hand, hand painted, hand crafted and hand weaved fabrics show some contrast. Workman makes endeavour to enhance the beauty of handcrafted product each time they undertake to make a new product. This is why each new product has got certain variation arising out of workmanship which cannot be done by any such machines.



The product rates stated on our website are ballpark figures, so buyers can consider them as approximate rates. These designer sarees circulated by Styleyug come in wonderfully designed embroideries, cut work, hand work, stone work, pearl work, brocade, lase work, embroidered butta, appliqué work, Zari work, lace work, tassels, velvet patch work and much more which illuminate Indian ethnicity.


One advantage of work done on saree is it gives saree and its wearer a glamorous look but it also has a glitch which can resurface even after an immense care i.e. the work done on saree gets to slide from its place or come off so the buyer has to keep in mind the this glitch and buy the product. But we will be making endeavour to maintain high-fidelity in propounding quality designer partywear sarees, chaniya choli and lehenga choli etc. For us customer care is considerably important to us.


Styleyug has been able to win the trust of millions of people through quality service and product designer quality. We could grasp each tiniest issue coming from customers and propounded exactly as per their expectations. We have premier monopoly into distribution of Bridal Lehenga Sarees, Bridal Chaniya Choli, One Minute Sarees, Digital Print Work Sarees and Designer Partywear Sarees. Today we have millions of customers in various countries. Quality is our top priority.  We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Professionally Managed Company. Our products have been placed on various marketing and sales online portals. We launch the most ultra-modern and contemporary collections approved by the incumbent trend-setting and ensemble generation.  Making online transit is fully safe and reliable as you are choosing the most appropriate and dependable source to make such transactions. Our product is spread across the globe but shipping charges are not applicable in India. Per product shipping charges for shopping on online portals are least possible. We have a pool of customer care executives who respond to our customer queries immediately in twenty four hours time. The information you share with us is kept confidential as our website is shielded well from hackers. We make customized products based on the measurement forwarded by you.

We shall pinpoint your queries through our web-based chat solution for 24 by 7. We hire service of noted courier companies for shipping of our products when ordered online. We give exciting offers in each new season. Corporate decorum, pool of experts and the workmanship resurface in our business culture.  We have varied range of Bridal Lehenga Sarees, Bridal Chaniya Choli, One Minute Sarees, Digital Print Work Sarees and Designer Partywear Sarees. Your ordering is facilitated as the cart and checkout facility is very friendly. Your measurement submission is easy as well. As being a guest user you can place your order. We keep updating each of our customers on each collection. Getting to choose colour, fabric quality, price, occasion, material and category of chosen designer clothes is has also become easy. You can make your desired list of items to be purchased for shopping in future. You can recommend for our online product. You can clear the payment through PayPal, western union money transfer, net banking, credit card, NEFT, RTGS etc. You can make contact with us through social media like twitter, face book, flicker or blog. We abide by all bank annexure ordinances so we do not indulge into any such fraudulent malpractices.

We keep on sending regular updates. We offer the best competitive prices to any buyer who makes purchase of goods in bulk. Making payment as per country-wise currency is not an issue. Our policies on return and exchange are flexible. Our online making shopping remains open any time of the day and night for 24 x 7.  Our product specialties are in traditional Indian wear. We do involve ourselves into duplication of the product that exhibits on our shopping portal website.


Styleyug proves to be one of the most top-notch online portals for wedding combo which proves specialization.  You can go though our profile and about us, you will understand about our success story. We believe that we do not make fashion but we are the fashion. Similarly we do not copy designs but designs are made by us. We circulate as per the needs, dreams of our womanhood for every special occasion. For us, every day for every woman is an auspicious and special occasion as home and any place function is represented by her. To fulfill dreams of feminine species as regards maintaining their aesthetic look, we have taken plunge into this designer wear arena. All the partywear and wedding collections which are being beautifully designed and handcrafted are circulated by us. We have got monopoly into circulation of these designer partywear, designer wedding wear sarees, chaniya choli and lehenga choli.

For Styleyug, quality is highly prioritized. We have millions of customers all over the world. We tend to launch the latest designer sarees on our portals so every time you see or check you will find a novelty in our creation and product. All your transaction made on our online portals is credible and there is not an iota of losing your single rupee. There is no shipping charge if the saree is purchased from India but if our product is purchased from online portal for a foreign country the a certain shipping charge is levied.

Moreover, even for other country buyers the shipping charges are definitely within the budget ambit of our customers. You will respect instant support from our customer care executive after you make an inquiry for any of our products. The expert responds in about 24 hours. When you provide your details they remain highly safe as our site is hacker free. As per you demand or customization we provide you sarees as per the measurements provided by you.  Your details are kept safe and confidential so you need not need to worry. We are available 24 by 7 on telephone and on live chat to guide you. We make prompt delivery of the ordered product as we solicit service from most reputed and authorized courier agency. The discount is considered attributable to the amount of shopping you make on online portal. We also have offers for our retailers. Workmanship, teamwork, and commitment to work can be found on our portal services. The placing of an order is not difficult. It is absolutely user-friendly. It means you can cart any piece and check out. You can also be seen as our guest user. We provide you with all latest updates. You can receive the kind of saree you want for the occasion you have chosen. You can also recommend them to your kin and kith. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram. You can choose colour, designs, price, fabric category and occasion etc. You can also create a wish-list for future shopping. The mode of payment is through bank transfer, and credit card. No fraudulent practices are found in our dealings as we have a special agreement with our banks. You can buy our product at the competitive prices. We always take your specification seriously and deliver your ordered items in compliance with business protocols. Our all retailers get fair advantage of buying form us. You will not find currency problem as dealing is done in your currency. 


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